About Me

For 35 years, my whole life, I have lived in NC.  I love this state from mountains to piedmont to coast.

No other issue has me as stirred up as hydraulic fracturing.  I believe that fracking is morally wrong.  Destroying the water supply and sickening ourselves for cheaper and more plentiful gas is not the answer.  I do not want to see my state dotted by fracking wells.

This is not some issue for another person.  Hydraulic fracturing will affect us all.  I will stand as a prophet and warn my neighbors, my friends, my community, my state, and my world that hydraulic fracturing is a mistake; and it will be a nightmare to our children and grandchildren who will live in a polluted world with contaminated groundwater, water shortages, toxic clouds, and ugly blights upon the land.  Repent, gas companies!  Turn from your evil ways!



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